Saturday, June 13, 2009

Long lost friends

yep, that's me; eating like a goo from a CUP lol!

Well, went for this small ex-classmates gathering yesterday [Thursday] by the beach. Thought it was a BBQ but turned out 2 b steamboat.. I even thought of getting the all-time-favourite marshmellows mayn... good thing i forgot! if not... shy ny siall

Gathering was fun... the food, the cake and chor dai di =D It felt kinda awkward, not being around them like for almost 2 years... and then *poof* there i am; trying not to look weird.. and the funniest thing was... i went high on the way back driving; with two ADD-Es [Eddie and Eddy] in my car lol

The gurls <3

L-R: Alice, HuiQin, YunJue, LiPoh, TengFang, Yeeleng, SheauHuoy, Elaine, MengWah, HuiYing, Sammy *teehee*


I have been jumping a lot in the bathroom.. The cause??



*floor's slippery?*

well nope


they're just so cute, aren't they... comparable to SNSD themselves XD haiz.. how i wished i could dance like 'em.. imagine me dancing like them.. i'll look like a fat pig T_T *sob* there goes....

Subject registration opened few hours ago~ friggin mmu system forced me into sitting in front of the computer for minutesss waiting for the registration to open... how pathetic.. sounded so kiasu rite..? well, that's life...

Am feeling: 1, 2, 3, 4

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I have not

been updating... gosh, when was the last time i've ever typed something over at this page?? [no inspiration lah lol] btw, a lot has been happening after finals... for the past few days, i

  • Celebrated Lyn's 18th birthday at Simply Fish
  • Bought a Nintendo DS <3
  • Went bowling with Lyn n tennis people [sucked at it]
  • Window shopped a lot
  • Played Left 4 Dead and found it interesting
  • Met a bunch of gays from Cyber =D
  • Explored most of WaterWorld with them, Yang n ex-schoolmates
  • Watched SNSD dance videos and found them loveable


And i have some bad news...

~Results are gonna be out in a few hours

~i MISS campus people badddlyyyy =(


~I did not get d YTM scholarship... i repeat i did NOT =(
am gona cry myself to sleep tonite
*emo emo emo*


Happenings tmrw:
-outing with campus buddies ^^
-BBQ dinner with long lost high school mates *awww*

And i've decided! I'll update my blog more often! So people, do READ kay~ haha

Am feeling: lonely... ><

Monday, May 11, 2009

THE camp!

Have you ever wondered what sorta place i went for da camp??
well, it's
  • in d middle of a so called forest
  • there's no water in the swimming pool
  • NO, i repeat N.O. outdoor activities
  • the bathroom water's as cold as ice
  • PLUS it smells of rust =.=; and so does my hair T_T
  • sleeping time's from 1-5am *not enuf at all!
  • RM10 went missing from my purse :'(
  • some *** wore my slipper to d bath

but~ there's always the BUT
  • met awesome n cool friends <3
  • FOOD's not bad
  • there's some nice scenery
  • got aircond! ahaks~
  • exp gained = LOADS

and, am back after 4 days, but missing the people there... how pathetic =( *sobs*

well more updates n pictures coming soon *anticipate kay~*

the camp's lovely... one of a kind

*i came, i conquered; and i left*



Pink group picca

Imma muscle-woman! XD

Jerome; whom i now call "kor"
posing the infamous one from one of his friends from Muar

Tay How Yee!
Cyber guy; took the trouble to send me these camwhore pics =)

calls me mum and emo-s when i said im NOT his mum [haha XD]

Suresh, goes by the name Joe lol [such a big diff rite?]
A potential lawyer; quite good lookin for an Indian i would say *ahaks*




I LOVE YOU!!!*loads but im too shy to say*

Current mood: blessed child =)

*pictures coming soon*

Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's drama night~

Love is in the air~~~ OooooO love is in the air~
haha! im absolutely looooooooving our drama <3
Imported Sha, Sarah, Joyce, Mao Mao, Eggy & James! Thanks all for helping us & giving us ur support. Special thanks to Mao Mao n Sha who stayed with us til late nite for our practise ^_^ *oh and Zach lol* and after allllllllll the hard work,


ohmigawsh.. imagine how happy we were when miss ira broke d news to us.

(Scene)-at Mori Cafe, after the semi-finals. Chac-Sam, Miss Ira, Daniel, Sha, Yang, Jordan, James, Mao Mao, Eggy, Lyn & Zach.
Everybody's making a whole lotsa noise lol. And then, Miss Ira calls Sam. *phone vibrates*

CALL: Miss Ira.

Sam: Shhhhhh! MISS IRA CALLING! *answers call*
Miss Ira: Hello Sam. Your group is eligible 2 enter the finals.
Sam: Huh? What?? Again? *in shock because i heard it the other way round lol*
Miss Ira: Your group is entering the finals!
Sam: OMG... really?? *thumbs up & smiles like a friggin FOOL at the others XD
Whakcos: AAAAAAAAAA~~~! *screams in absolute joy like nobody's business
Miss Ira: *laughs* yes.... (blabla lol forgot what she said after that =X)

& we shouted our drama cheer after the call; which goes smtg like that:

F-tards, f-tards, GO GO GO!
*silent* f you lol...
-created by Lyn XD-

LOL we shouted so loud that the waiter there had to tell us to shut up-in a polite manner of course >.< and we were so high that day! just the thought of it makes me smile like a complete idiot ahaha

=at our very 1st drama=
everyone was kiu-ing lol

imagine how cold it felt eventhough i wore like three layers in the drama =S

Drama historical dates =D
  • PM10 drama night : 10/3/2009 (Tues)
  • Preliminaries : 18/3/2009 (Wed)
  • Semi-finals : 4/4/2009 (Sat)

A soon to be historical date

FINALS-Drama Fest: 14/4/2009


Current mood: Overjoyed! haha XD

Sunday, March 29, 2009

But why?

Is my time to be happy on my own, doodling over my own happy memories, smiling at the funny stuff over for now? Is it a must to put on my poker face again? Time to let my thoughts fly away, lingering to nowhere and to learn...

about what?

Awful things that people say about you

More like... Emo, again?

I can't believe it..

Somehw, life suxs when its all rolling fine.
Lucky mE
Shall i welcome:
  • sleepless nights
  • emo days
  • teary days?

*maybe not, who knows*

Current mood: Speechless *poker face*

Monday, March 16, 2009

Exams?? T_T

Here it is!! My super cute mini nohohon zoku ^^love it soooo much~

awww its just super cute, ain't it =)

*it's purple
*moves its head (solar powered)
*gift from someone *teehee*

In an attempt to study, this happened T_T

haha camwhore.. -.-
*studying on your bed is NOT advisable*


That aside, PCA & PBS paper is on Friday and what have i covered?





I'm screwed... but, BUT im NOT kissing by A's(hopefully) goodbye >.<

Drama update coming soonnnnn~

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pass-desu =)


It was darn scary i tell you... the tester failed 2 people at the veryyy beginning... you can imagine how afraid i was =3 but but! i stil managed thou..

& I've been driving the kelisa ever since! *cheers*

So... expectations from a newly "graduated" driver??

  • almost ran in2 a divider/brick/human/motorbike *CHECKED*
  • drive without paying full attention *CHECKED*
  • scaring the hell outta the passangers in my car *CHECKED*

Well, at least i didnt ram any random guy XD



guess wat's gona be her prezzie.... ahahaha y'all shall just wait & see... its gona be on her blog for sure! =D


aka YANG!!

*Aww.. she looks like my mommy*

Current mood: feeling sicky =(