Saturday, June 13, 2009

Long lost friends

yep, that's me; eating like a goo from a CUP lol!

Well, went for this small ex-classmates gathering yesterday [Thursday] by the beach. Thought it was a BBQ but turned out 2 b steamboat.. I even thought of getting the all-time-favourite marshmellows mayn... good thing i forgot! if not... shy ny siall

Gathering was fun... the food, the cake and chor dai di =D It felt kinda awkward, not being around them like for almost 2 years... and then *poof* there i am; trying not to look weird.. and the funniest thing was... i went high on the way back driving; with two ADD-Es [Eddie and Eddy] in my car lol

The gurls <3

L-R: Alice, HuiQin, YunJue, LiPoh, TengFang, Yeeleng, SheauHuoy, Elaine, MengWah, HuiYing, Sammy *teehee*


I have been jumping a lot in the bathroom.. The cause??



*floor's slippery?*

well nope


they're just so cute, aren't they... comparable to SNSD themselves XD haiz.. how i wished i could dance like 'em.. imagine me dancing like them.. i'll look like a fat pig T_T *sob* there goes....

Subject registration opened few hours ago~ friggin mmu system forced me into sitting in front of the computer for minutesss waiting for the registration to open... how pathetic.. sounded so kiasu rite..? well, that's life...

Am feeling: 1, 2, 3, 4

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  1. sam, u missed out Lipoh's name.

    I'm sure that night would be a memorable night for all of us